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Preserving Van Zandt County

Myrtle Springs School

in Myrtle Springs

MS schoolhouse front.jpg

Myrtle Springs School, built in 1929. Now serving as a community center.

Old Myrtle Springs School, approximately a century old and the beloved community center of Myrtle Springs, needs help.  The historic wood-frame building needs a new roof and foundation work in order to serve the area for the next 100 years.

Many Van Zandt County residents remember when small schools, like the one in Myrtle Springs, were the pride of each community.  Consolidation, starting in the mid-20th century, closed the doors of most of these places of education.  Myrtle Springs School closed in the 1970s. 

But unlike many buildings of its kind, Myrtle Springs avoided the wrecking ball.  A dedicated local populace and alumni association gave the property a second life.  The school reopened in the 1980s as a renovated community center and public park.  It houses a small museum, is a community meeting-place, and provides area children with plenty of space to run and terrific playground equipment.  Its large kitchen and lovely auditorium have been a venue for weddings, reunions, plays, and dinner gatherings.

Despite the care of the local alumni association, the passage of time has taken its toll on the old building.  Revenue has fallen short for making critical repairs, causing the school to fall further into disrepair.  A new roof is particularly needed to prevent the structure from deteriorating beyond saving.

Donations are being sought to save this old historical building so it can continue to provide a meeting place far into the future.  Donations can be made directly to: Myrtle Springs Alumni Association, c/o Brandy Veihl, 163 Granada Sq., Canton, TX 75103.

In addition, the school has a GoFundMe site:

and a PayPal account at:

Check out the school’s Facebook site at:

Anyone wishing to provide in-kind help is invited to the March 23 “Spring Spruce Up” where the community and other friends will do cleaning, yard work and some repairs to the Myrtle Springs School grounds and building.  Food will be provided.  To sign up for this event, call or text the Myrtle Springs Alumni Association’s president, Tresea Stringer at 972-365-4673 and let her know about your skills and willingness to help.

MS old school.JPG

Myrtle Springs schoolchildren and teachers, outside building, 1940s.

MS playground.jpg

Children play on vintage playground equipment in schoolyard.

MS schoolhouse stage.jpg

Stage in Myrtle Springs School auditorium, set for a play. The building hosts weddings, plays, meetings, and other events.

MS schoolhouse kitchen.jpg

The school cafeteria, scene of many community meals and parties.

MS board pic.jpg

Working for the preservation of Myrtle Springs School are many community volunteers, including members of the Myrtle Springs Alumni Association. Members gathered at a recent meeting are (left to right): Alumni Association Board members Bill Rusk and Tim Lamb, Vice-President Curtis Golden, President Tresea Godwin Stringer, Assistant Secretary LaRea Miller, Volunteer Ida Rusk, and Sec-Treasurer Brandy Veihl.

MS old school cafeteria.JPG

Myrtle Springs School Cafeteria workers, 1930s.

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