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Historical Markers

A list of historical markers in Van Zandt County, issued by the Texas Historical Commission.

Sponsored by Texas Historical Commission (THC), historical markers are educational plaques commemorating Texas history.

Historical markers can highlight a variety of topics, including the history and architecture of houses, commercial and public buildings, religious congregations, and military sites; events that changed the course of local and state history; and individuals, community organizations, and businesses.

The Van Zandt County Historical Commission is active in applying for and securing historical markers from the THC.  We encourage the public to get in touch with us and suggest marker subjects for future applications.

(Below: Dipping Vat marker, commemorating successsful eradication of cattle-killing disease.  Located near Canton.)

dipping vat hist marker.jpg

Van Zandt County Historical Markers and Locations:

A.L. Spradlin Log Cabin: S.E. corner of N. Main & Elm St., Edgewood.

Adren Anglin: In Asbury Cemetery.  From Edom go W. about 4 mi. on CR 2339 to cemetery on N side of road (marker is in NW corner of cemetery).

Alamo Institute:  Ben Wheeler - On FM 858.  From Canton, take Hwy 64 E to FM 858 S. Marker is on left.

Allen Cemetery: (In Turner Community, off public road.) 8 miles S of Wills Point on Hwy 64, 2 miles W on Broadmore Road (CR 3416), then .5 miles off public road.

Asbury Cemetery: From Edom go W. about 4 mi. on CR 2339 to cemetery on N. side of road.

Barren Ridge: South from Edgewood on FM 859 to VZCR 3118, turn left go 0.4 miles to VZCR 3105, turn right go 1.1 miles to site.

Battle of the Neches: Eastbound rest area, IH-20 east of FM 16, Exit 537.

Ben Wheeler Community:  In Ben Wheeler.  On Hwy 279 (beside Moore’s Store).

Benjamin Franklin Wheeler:  S side of VZ CR 1117, near Creagleville Cemetery (where Wheeler is buried).

Bennett Joseph Carter Home: 203 E. Pecan St., Edgewood, attached to house.

Blackwell House:  In Canton.  FM 859, 0.25 mi. N of Hwy 64 (W. Dallas St.)

Bowles, Cherokee Chief:  From Canton, take Hwy 64 about 19 mi SE to CR 4923, follow signs N about 2.5 mi to marker.

Brady F. Gentry: IH-20 Rest Area West of Canton.

Brick Streets of Wills Point:  Wills Point.

Bruce and Human Drug Company:  145 N 4th St., Wills Point.

C.S. Nicks: Downtown Van on Main Street in garden, the third location west from intersection of State Hwy 16 and FM 110.

Cadwell Walton Raines:  Hwy 64, Canton - Courthouse Lawn.

Camp Matthew F. Locke, C.S.A.:  N. of Wills Point, on FM 47.

Cane Syrup Production in Van Zandt County:  In downtown Ben Wheeler at the syrup mill on Hwy 858 one block east of Hwy 279.

Canton Herald: 103 E. Tyler St., Canton.

Canton:  The Misplaced County Seat: Entrance to First Monday Trade Days grounds, Groves and Capitol Sts.

Carter Cemetery: From Canton, 4.1 mi. E. on Hwy 64, then 3.2 mi. S. on CR 4106, then 1.1 mile W. on CR 4112.

Cartwright School: 711 S. 4th St., Wills Point.

Cheatham Memorial United Methodist Church: S. Houston St. at US 80, Edgewood.

Cherokee Boundary Line:  N of Canton, on CR 1117.

Colfax Cemetery:  Intersection of FM 16 and CR 4414, Colfax Community.

Coltharp-Beall House:  E of Edom on the north side of FM 279, at site of old Hamburg community.

Cool Springs (Tundra):  Cool Springs Cemetery; County Road 1651 at Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church, 1.3 miles off Hwy 19, near Canton.

Corinth Baptist Church and School:  FM 1255, 5 mi. S of Grand Saline.

Corinth Cemetery:  Hwy 110 south from Grand Saline, then 2 mi. W on FM 1255.

County Line Missionary Baptist Church:  From Edom 8 mi. E on FM 279, 1 mi. E on CR 4823.

County Seat War:  Wills Point - CR 3415 and Hwy 64.

Cox Cemetery: FM 1653 at CR 4106.  From Canton, Take Hwy 64 east 7 miles; take FM 1653 south 3 miles. Cemetery is on west side of road.

Creagleville: On CR 1818. From Grand Saline, take US Hwy 80 west 1 mile, turn south on CR 1818.

Dallas-Shreveport Road:  Wills Point, CR 3415 & Hwy 64.

Dipping Vat: In City Park, on City Lake Dr., 1 mile east of Canton.

Dixie Hotel site:  Canton - On Hwy 64 across from the courthouse.

Edgewood Cemetery: 307 N. Houston, Edgewood.

Edmund A. Wynne:  Hillcrest Cemetery, Hwy 19 at Groves Street, Canton.

Edom: Just west of FM 314 on FM 279.

Edom Methodist Church: Edom, Intersection of FM 279 & FM 314 North.

Edom Cemetery: FM 279 in Edom.

Elbert Gray:  Greenwood Cemetery, Wills Point, on CR 3416.

Elm Grove Cemetery and School: CR 2708 - About 7 miles northeast of Mabank off Hwy 198 in Roddy Community. (North on CR 2721 around two curves then east on CR 2708.)

Elm Grove Union Church: From Mabank, about 7 mi. NE on Hwy 198 to Roddy Community, then N. on CR 2721 around two curves then E. on CR 2708.

Fairview Cemetery and School: CR 3915 - From Willis Point take FM 47 south 8 miles, then west on CR 3915, 0.5 miles to cemetery.

Fin & Feather Hunting and Fishing Club:  1 mile east of Wills Point between the Union Pacific railroad and White Rose Cemetery.

First Baptist Church of Canton: 303 S. Athens St., Canton

First Baptist Church of Edgewood: 403 S. Houston St., Edgewood.

First Baptist Church of Edom: FM 314, Edom.

First Baptist Church of Wills Point: 125 E. James St., Wills Point.

First Christian Church of Wills Point: North 3rd and James St., Wills Point.

First Methodist Church of Grand Saline:  501 N. Main St., Grand Saline.

First Monday Trades Days:  Entrance to First Monday grounds at Capitol and Groves Sts.

First National Bank Building, Old (Edgewood):  105 N. Houston St., Edgewood.

First National Bank of Wills Point:  340 N.W. Commerce Street, Wills Point, marker is on 6th Street.

First United Methodist Church of Canton:  600 S Buffalo St., Canton.

Four Mile Lutheran Church:  CR 2607 - From Canton take Hwy 243 west about 9 mi., then south on Hwy. 47, go 2.9 miles, turn west on Hwy 90, go 3.3 miles, turn north on CR 2607, go .4 miles, church will be on left.

The Free State of Van Zandt County: West Bound IH-20 Rest Area in eastern part of Van Zandt County.

Frontier Red Hill Cemetery: From Edom take FM 314 north to Hwy 64, turn east to CR 4913, turn north, about 2 miles to cemetery.

Friendship Community School: CR 1712 - From Grand Saline, take FM 17 northeast 3 miles, then turn east on CR 1712, 1.5 miles to site.

George Washington Tull, Sr.:  171 South Buffalo St., Canton.

Grand Saline, C.S.A.: Kleer Park - At Intersection of US 80 and FM 857 in Kleer Park.

Hayden Baptist Church: On Hwy 64, 3 miles southwest of Myrtle Springs.

High Cemetery: From Canton take Hwy 243 west 4.5 miles to CR 2501, turn north and travel 2.25 miles to intersection of CR 2520 (Old Kaufman Highway) cemetery is at the intersection of CR 2501 and CR 2520.

Highland Cemetery:  3601 County Road 3204, Edgewood.

Hillcrest Cemetery:  Canton, on Hwy 19, two blocks N of Hwy 64.

Hilliards of Canton:  207 Buffalo St., Canton.

Holly Springs Cemetery: From Martin’s Mill, 1.7 miles north on FM 1653, east on CR 4403 to cemetery.

Holly Springs United Methodist Church:  From Martin’s Mill, N on FM 1653 about 2 miles.

Ingram Cemetery: FM 279, 5 miles E of Edom

Jarman No. 1 Discovery Well: Van, Walnut St. at West Ohio St.

John H. Reagan:  Canton - Buffalo Street, West Side of Courthouse.

Jones Cemetery: N.E. of Wills Point on CR 3704 - On Private Property and not accessible.

Jordan’s Saline:  Intersection of FM 857 and CR 1701, Grand Saline.

Jose Francisco Calahorra y Saenz:  From Fruitvale go 2 miles W on US 80, turn south on Hwy 19 for 2 miles, take CR 1117 E 1 mile to site.

Lexie Dean Robertson:  301 FM 1861, Martin’s Mill.

Liberty Cemetery: FM 2339 - From courthouse in Canton, take Hwy 19 south 13.7 miles, turn left on FM 1861, go 3.4 miles, turn right on FM 2339, then .5 miles to cemetery.

Little Hope Baptist Church: From Canton, 4.1 miles east on Hwy 64, then 3.2 miles south on CR 4106, to intersection with CR 4112.

Mars Community: 7 miles S of Ben Wheeler on FM 773.

Marvin Chapel Cemetery: Van - .5 miles south of on FM 314, then 1 mile W on FM 1995.

McKain Family Home: 307 E. High, Wills Point.

Mercer’s Colony Eastern Boundary: From Fruitvale, take US 80 E. 0.3 mi. to VZCR 1816  turn S, travel .5 mi., then turn E on VZCR 1817 and travel 0.1 mi.

Mono School: Roddy Community - 7 miles northeast of Mabank on Hwy. 198, then 1 mile N on FM 47, then 0.5 miles W on CR 2711.

Morgan G. Sanders:  Ben Wheeler - On FM 858. From Canton, take Hwy 64 E to FM 858 S, marker is on left.

Morris Cemetery:  From courthouse in Canton, take Hwy 19 S 10.6 miles, turn W on FM 1256, travel 2.5 miles, cemetery is on the right and up a small hill.

Morton Salt Company Building: 1 mi. S of Grand Saline on Hwy 110.

Mt. Pisgah:   4 miles E of Canton on Hwy 64; turn right on CR 4106; go .7 miles and turn right on 4105; go .9 miles and cemetery is on the left side of road.

Mount Zion C.M.E. Church: 150 VZCR 4823, 12.8 mi. SE of Ben Wheeler at Hwy 64 in the Redland community.

Myrtle Springs Schoolhouse:  Heritage Park Museum of East Texas, Edgewood.

New Hope Cemetery: From Canton, 5.6 mi. on Hwy 64, turn N. on  FM 1504, go 3.4 mi. to VZCR 3420.  Cemetery is at VZCR 3420 and VZCR 3415.

Oak Hill Cemetery:  Edgewood.

Oakland Community Cemetery:  On FM 1255, 6.5 miles East of Canton.

Old Bethel Cemetery: 9 miles southwest of Canton on Hwy 198, then 2.1 miles east on Old Bethel Road.

Oran Milo Roberts:  Hwy 64, Canton, Courthouse Lawn

Phalba: State Highway 198 at Phalba Community Center.

Philip Nolan Expeditions Into Spanish Texas:  3 miles NW of Wills Point at 3502 CR 3804.

Poletown and Rhodesburg:  Intersection of CR 1820 and CR 1824, Grand Saline.

Prairie Springs Cemetery:  2 mi. West of Ben Wheeler on Hwy 64.

Primrose-Sexton Community:  FM 314, 5.5 mi. S of Van.

Providence Community: .5 miles E of Grand Saline on Hwy 80.  Go right (South) on FM 857 for 7 miles to the junction with CR 1525 at Providence Community.

Pruitt Baptist Church and Pruitt Community:  Hwy 110 and CR 1507 in Pruitt - about 3 mil. N of Van on Hwy 110.

Pure Oil Company Camp:  Intersection of CR 1501 and Hwy 16, Van.

Rose Fountain:  Intersection of Hwy 47 and North Commerce Street, Wills Point.

Roseland Plantation Home:  Hwy 64, about 11 miles West of Tyler.

Rowden Cotton:  Intersection of Hwy 64 and CR 3415, Wills Point.

Russell Memorial United Methodist Church:  201 S. 4th St., Wills Point.

Sand Flat Community:  Approximately four miles southeast of Grand Saline on FM 857.

Shelby Expedition through Van Zandt County: Hwy 243, 8 miles East of Canton.

Site of 1896 Van Zandt County Courthouse:  121 E. Dallas (Hwy 64) - Canton (in front of courthouse).  

Site of Burial of Neal Martin:  About 3 mi. N of Wills Point on Hwy 47.  Marker is on Stony Point Cemetery Rd.

Site of C.W. Morris Cotton Gin: Edom - FM 279, east of FM 314 intersection.

Slaughter School:  2.5 miles SE of Edgewood at CR 3216.

Small Community and Cemetery:  CR 3701 - From Edgewood, take FM 859 North for 5 miles, then West on CR 3701.

Stanger Springs Church:  3.5 mi. E of Ben Wheeler on CR 4614.

Starr Cemetery and School:  FM 1215 - 5.9 miles NE of Canton on FM 17, then 1.1 mile S on FM 1215.

Swindall School:  In Van, on Hwy 16 (West Main Street at Walnut Street), small city park adjoining Methodist Church property on east side.

T.Z. Woodhouse Residence:  904 Canton Ave., Wills Point.  (House no longer stands; destroyed in fire in 2013.)

Thomas Jefferson Towles:  In Hillcrest Cemetery, Canton, on Hwy 19, two blocks N of Hwy 64.

Tidmore Cemetery:  5 miles S of Martin’s Mill on FM 2329.

Turner Baptist Church: 1802 County Road 3412, Wills Point.

Tyler-Porter’s Bluff Road:  On FM 2329 at intersection with FM 279, .25 mi. W of Edom.

Union Grove Cemetery:  N of Wills Point on FM 751.

Van:  Corner of Walnut and West Main Street, Van.

Van Common School:  549 E. Texas St., Van.

Van School, 1929-1947:   349 East Texas Ave., approx. 1/2 mi. E of downtown Van.

Van United Methodist Church:  326 West Main St., Van.

Van Zandt County:  1 mile SE of Canton on Hwy 64 - in front of TXDOT offices.

Van Zandt County Courthouse:  121 E. Dallas (Hwy 64) – Canton.

Van Zandt County Poor Farm:  Canton - On Hwy 19, .25 mi. S of Hwy 243.

Van Zandt, Isaac and Frances Lipscomb:  Canton, Courthouse lawn.

Wallace United Methodist Church:  From Canton, take Hwy 243 W about 4.5 mi., then S on CR 2501 about 1 mi.

Wentworth Community:  CR 1215 at the junction of CR 1207.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery:  From Canton, take Hwy 243 W, then take CR 2520 SW to Watkins Community, cemetery is on south side.

White Rose Cemetery:  Wills Point - .4 mi. NW of Intersection of US 80 and Post Oak Rd.

Wiley Hardeman Post:  Grand Saline - US 80 & Hwy 17.

William A. Wills:  Hwy 64 and CR 3415, Wills Point.

William H. Humphries Home:  201 S. Main St., Edgewood.

Wills Point Schools:  100 School Street, Wills Point.

Wynne & Wynne Law Office:  137 W. James St., Wills Point.

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